What is the difference between data, analysis, knowledge and why should I take care of it? (2023)

I spoke some conferences during my career and visited some conferences.A main topic that speakers and visitors of the conference speak continuously is analysis, data and ideas of both.It is not uncommon for speakers to focus on the need to concentrate on the data and how the data will be the future of marketing.

Although they are not wrong, speakers and managers often confuse data, analysis and findings and use interchangeable.This is so often that we often forget that these three issues are very different and how we think about thinking about them in our company, I must also know differently.

So, if we explain the differences and how this information helps him advance in his business.

Definition of data, analysis and knowledge.What is the difference?


The data is simply the points along the street.The data itself are relatively useless without context.It really does not help to understand what is happening when we only look at a unique data point, but together they can help us see patterns, that we would never have seen otherwise.

It cannot optimize or extract knowledge of what it does not measure.Jedes Company will collect data differently because it has all different needs and focuses on different objectives.Who helps you discover what data should you collect?

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Another thing to which you should pay attention is the context of the data you collect.Data without context can easily lead to bad decisions, since this does not reflect the reality of what is happening with your company.


Analytics is the process of recognizing patterns and data trends.Economic DictionaryThe objective of the analysis is to help a company "acquiring knowledge that can be used to improve or change."

People and companies really cannot do anything without analysis.Useful analysis almost always come from circumstances.The included data points do not provide much implementable information, but if they are combined for various points or data conditions, trends are much easier to see and understand.

If your website receives 30,000 page visits per month, is it good?Look up and see that it has improved its monthly location by 25% compared to the previous year or 10% month compared to the month?This helps you understand a little more about whether your efforts were effective or not.


As soon as you have seen your analysis, be sure to segment your analysis.

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The purpose of segmentation is to better understand its clients and individuals who interact with their company.With segmentation you can reduce the amount of variables when it comes to your data so that you have a better context to analyze to understand.

Some examples of possible segments you can do for your company are:

• Views that only come from direct traffic and use Chrome as a browser
• Clients with the highest CLV (customer life)
• Visitors who stayed longer on their website than the "X" minutes.


The most difficult part to deal with data and analysis is simply to understand what it observes.How do your customers really behave?What do you really want to know?Different stories, but Insights is the process of understanding the true story of what is happening with your company and your client.

Another way to design this can be seen as a complicated network of different systems.During we like to think that we all understand exactly how everything works, nobody knows how everything works 100% of the time, not the founder, not the CEO... No one understands it completely.

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For this reason, there is a gap in the understanding of an employee's company and how it really works.In this context, the information helps the individual to close this gap between their understanding of the operation of the system and how it works.

Insights is the moment "AH -HA", in which the data and analysis are joined for a coherent story that allows them to better recognize the reality of what is happening with their company.

Remember that the report does not meet knowledge.The report is the process of organizing data in summaries.ININGINGSIGHTS is the result of data research and report to extract significant information to improve commercial performance.In information.The analysis transforms data and information into the findings.

Research of "This is fun ..."
Isaac Asimov has understood the spirit to discover ideas perfectly when he said: "The most exciting prayer that can be heard in science is not" Eureka ", but" this is fun ... ".

As I mentioned, the biggest problem that the company faces data and analysis is the gap between the opinion that the company is executing and how it really works.With these "fun" moments we can see areas in which we are blinded by our own assumptions or previous experiences that we have done with the business.They allow us to step back and tell ourselves: "We really have to look at this process because something is happening here clearly."

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How to make data in the findings

Now that we have all the definitions outside the way, how do I show knowledge of the data we collect?Here are some useful tips that help you achieve this goal.

• Ask yourself: "What questions do we have to answer to succeed?"
• create a ...Specific hypothesisBefore the execution of an analysis.
• Start with small data, filter and segments this data to create larger segments.
• Work in a single problem.
• Disassemble complex systems in smaller parts.
• Ask certain questions.The general questions result in generic answers.
• Measure the loss/gain caused by its results.

Hopefully you have found these tips on the difference between data, analysis and knowledge.

Do you need help with the search for knowledge for your company?Do you want us to help?Contact our team today!


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