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A photography store can bring you many benefits, includingfinancial gain and opportunities for creative implementation. But when you start planning, there are usually more questions than answers.

How do you get clients? like onepresent and promote the business online? How do you create an appropriate and catchy name? Do I have to register the business? What are the disadvantages of starting such a company? It's worth it?

And if you are an inexperienced photographer? This can increase the difficulties.

Let us help you weigh the pros and cons of starting a photography business. We also provide you with a checklist that will help you from the first step.

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The Pros and Cons of Starting a Photography Business

Starting a Photography Business: A Complete Checklist

Writing a Photography Business Plan

Decide on an anchor price

Create a company name and register it.

create a portfolio

Expand your digital marketing to find customers

This way you can win even more customers.

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How to Start a Photography Business: Conclusion

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Photography Business

Starting a photography business, like any other, has its pros and cons.Business idea.

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The past few years have been difficult for photographers due to COVID. Many events like concerts and weddings were canceled and it was quite difficult to find a project let alone start a photography business.

As of 2021, the industry posted a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.6%, reaching around$36 billion. Today the industry is reviving as we try to get back to normal life.

Let's explore the pros and cons of starting a photography business.


  • If photography is your passion, you will love making money from it.
  • Work hours are very flexible.
  • You are basically creating art.
  • You have opportunities to see the world.
  • You meet new people, which is good for networking.
  • They hire people with similar values.


  • COVID restrictions
  • expensive equipment
  • No stable monthly income
  • Demanding customers
  • Possibly inconvenient working hours
  • the competition is quite high

For an inexperienced photographer, all of the above, even the cons, can be a great lesson and insight into the business of photography.

Starting a Photography Business: A Complete Checklist

Chances are, the pros and cons have shown you if starting a photography business is the right way to go. And if your answer is yes, it's worth the effort! Let's take a look at exactly what you need to do to start the first chapter of your entrepreneurial journey.

Writing a Photography Business Plan

A business plan is a clear step-by-step guide on your path to success.. Many photographers don't take one because they think it's too official.

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In fact, you don't have to make it too formal. Think of it as a cheat sheet to help you achieve your business goals as quickly as possible.

Now let's see what to include in the plan:

  • business description.
    Every detail is important.Write 1-3 pages about your business, services, products, etc.. What is your main focus? Pictures? wedding? What services will you offer? List each photo production and processing step you will provide. If you're not sure of all the details, now is the time to brainstorm.
  • market analysis.
    Go online and research the market for photography stores. Research the niches, how competitive they are, etc. Then narrow the investigation down to where you live. This will help you determine group.

    Write a perfect customer profile or two. This approach will help you grab user attention, especially online.

    Also discover:

  • The most cost effective form of photography.
    Identify the most competitive and profitable niche if it fits your interests.
  • Who are your competitors.
    Competitive research shows you how other photographers are promoting themselves online, positioning their business and capturing the attention of users. This will help youFind out how you can stand out.
  • Photography business ideas.
    Write your business ideas based on what you want to do and what competitors are doing (that you can do better or different).
  • marketing strategy.
    This section should focus on promoting your photography business. How do you intend to attract and retain customers? What will your digital be?marketing strategy? Will you hire a team or at least a professional to help you with this?

    You should have at least a basic understanding of what digital marketing is, including website SEO,social networks, keyword and competitor research, etc.

    To do this, you need digital tools.research keywords and competitorsand monitor site health, so make sure you have a list of helpful helpers in your plan.

  • Financial forecasts.
    Plan your finances in advance and keep this in mindStarting a photography business requires some capital. Many professionals say that a budget of around $10,000 is enough, but the total depends on the size you want to aim for.

    These are the basic elements of your future business that you will have to spend money on:

  • Gear.
    This includes 2 professional cameras (one backup), lenses, a tripod (preferably 2 backup), lighting equipment, a studio (own or rented), a fast computer, editing software (Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.) , an external hard drive and/or sufficient cloud storage.
  • marketing tools.
    The digital tools we talked about include a website builder (Wix, Squarespace, etc.), SEO, and digital marketing improve visibility on the internetyour website and get more clients (SE ranking, etc.), media management, collaboration and sharing tools (like PhotoShelter), etc.
  • operational tools.
    First of all, your payment system must be secure and suitable for most people. A billing service and aPOS System (Point of Sale).without Essentials.

    You should then have onebusiness license. You must register with your local government agency to officially work. Find out in advance about the conditions and requirements for such registration in your area, including fees.

    Next, you need an EIN (Employer Identification Number), which the IRS assigns to all businesses in the United States. Find out all the details here in advance, including the economic ones.

    After all, you need to get high quality.CRM system (customer relationship management)like ShootQ or ShootZilla.

Decide on an anchor price

On average, photographers charge from $100 to $250 per hour., An inexperienced photographer is a hobbyist or student, so charging more than $100 an hour may not be ideal.

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Price your services fairly and don't just imitate the competition. Your photography store is unique and their prices should be the same.

Also remember that setting prices as low as possible just to attract customers will not work. That's what marketing is for.

Here is an algorithm that should help you:

  1. Think abouthow much money do you want to earnwith your photography shop in a year.
  2. Calculate your expenses, taxes included.
  3. Think about how long you want to work in a day and how many takes you can do in those hours. Include all the services you will provide.
  4. Divide the number of goals by hours or shots to estimate the price.

If the numbers "I want" and "Can" match or are very close, you have found the average cost.

Of course, make sure your job skills match the financial level you want to get to in a year.

Create a company name and register it.

When you understand the scope of work involved in starting a photography business and realize that it's doable, it's time to come up with a business name.

Brainstorm.Any name that represents you and your values ​​is fineBut keep these tips in mind:

  • Include focus keywords in the name. It's easier to rank higher in the SERPs because people use searches similar to your photography business name.
  • Use your name. This will help you focus on your personality and become the focus of the brand.

If you come up with several strong ideas, check the availability of these names on social media.

To continue the theme of social media and online visibility, implement a consistent brand strategy.Choose account names, colors, fonts, writing styles, etc., which will be consistent across all channels.

Finally, you must legally register the name with the government. In your business plan, you should already have the details or links to local authority sources.

create a portfolio

Even if you are an inexperienced photographer, there are ways to create a portfolio.

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You can organize free photo sessions or use the photos you took during the class.. Basically,anything that shows your experienceright now and can justify their prices is fine.

If you don't have material, focus onSite optimizationand look for opportunities to showcase your talents online.

Even if your portfolio is simple at first, you can change it completely as you start getting orders and improve your skills.

Why is it a necessity?

Whether you are an inexperienced photographer or not, you need to show potential customers who visit your website or social media what they can get from your collaboration.

The style, cut, colors and nature of the shots must meet the needs of the client.

Expand your digital marketing to find customers

Promoting your photography business is vital. That is why we have prepared a small guide:

  1. Website.
    Create a website with your best work, information about yourself, contact information, a blog (optional), and customer reviews.. you can joinplaza. Simply select a template, secure a domain name, add content, and start promoting your out-of-the-box website. It's easy even for a photographer with no website building experience.

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  1. SEO and marketing strategy.
    Develop a strategy to promote your website on the SERPs and attract more potential customers.SE Ranking SEO-Softwarewill help you with that. It offers multiple tools for keyword and competitor research, link building, website SEO audits, and a step-by-step marketing plan for your unique project. The brilliance of the software is that it caters to photographers with no experience in SEO and digital marketing.

    Create an account and get access to thousands of keywordssuitable for your website, analysis tools, convenient and easy-to-understand reports, informative charts, as well as information on the strategies of your competitors.

  2. Set up a Google My Business profile (now Google Business profile).
    AGMB profileit will make your photo store look more trustworthy. The account must include your phone number, office address, website, and other information.

    Additionally, you can post updates, list services and products, accept online purchases, connect with your audience, and accept reviews fromsocial proofetc. It will also improve the online visibility of your business. If you create a decent GMB profile, you should consider listing your site in other directories.

    If you create a suitable GMB profile,Consider listing your site in other directories.

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  1. paid advertising.
    While Google Ads may be too expensive for an inexperienced photographer or small business,Using Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic can be helpful. In such a case, using Google Ads for retargeting is more profitable and will drive not only visitors but also sales.
  2. social networks.
    Social media is one of the best channels for this.Build a brand, increase brand awareness and communicate with your audience. Create profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and post behind-the-scenes shots, showcase your best projects, mention models you work with, etc.
  3. fingerprint.
    A comprehensive digital footprint means going beyond standard channels. Thisstart a blog, share your experience, get featuredon other niche specific blogs as an expert, creating accounts on photography, social media for networking and more. You have to be out there for clients and other professionals to notice you.

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This way you can win even more customers.

There are more ways to attract clients to your photography business, even if you are an inexperienced photographer:

  • Many websites look for stock photos for their articles, social networks, advertisements, etc.Shutterstock, Getty Images and other servicesshould help you earn additional income. Someone may notice your unique style and vision and decide to work with you.

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  • Donate services to charity events.
    Donating your services will cost you no more than your time, and the promotional opportunities from such an approach are well worth it.
  • Attend events in your target market.
    As you learn more about your target audience, attend events to learn more.networking opportunitiesand organize more shootings. Plus, your photos will be used in articles about the event, which is another promotional opportunity.

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  • Work on your email list.
    An email list helps you keep in touch with your customers and keep them. Send summaries, news, and special offers, but not too often.
  • Create a referral program.
    Know what it can cost youup to 5 times moreget a new clientget a sale of an existing one?
    Create a smart referral program and ask for a referral at the "happy spots" of the customer journey (for example, at the end of the session). Deliver a great experience, offer rewards, and communicate with customers to encourage them to talk about you.

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How to Start a Photography Business: Conclusion

To start a successful photography business, you need startup capital, photography equipment and an understanding of how to use it, digital marketing knowledge, branding skills, a portfolio, plenty of time, and more.

It can seem overwhelming at first. But when you finish a business plan, even if you are an inexperienced photographer, the picture will become clearer.

Create a detailed business plan, identify the people and tools you need, and create a website, portfolio, and some social media accounts..

Make sure they are the same color and style so people can recognize you. Think of a unique name and register it!

Use digital marketing to attract clients and improve your skills. You'll be thankful for how far you've come in a year!

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