Four types of social ideas (2023)

For today's companies, operational skills are bets on the table.The new battlefield for differentiation is the consumer's attention, that is, to build products, experiences and messages that significantly meet a consumer need.In search of this land bride,social ideasOffer companies a unique value of value: a real -time and profitable window for the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of their consumers.

This article will help you conclude why social ideas matter and how your business can positively affect.

Before going too far, first, according to what defines a consumer view.In simpler terms, consumer ideas reveal why people behave specifically and make certain decisions.

So what does a "social vision" do?

Consumer social ideas carry some characteristics of the distinct seal:

1. Unmunded data

As the term suggests, social ideas come mainly from non -structured types of data, such as social networks and the world network.However, they may also include third party data, such as calls of centers, forums, chatbots, etc. For this article, social ideas will serve as an understanding for any consumer view from a source generated by the consumer, social networks orother way.

2. Not requested

Unlike research, the ideas derived from the social are not requested.A result can see these ideas as more authentic and honest.

3. Fast and profitable

Finally, due to the real nature of social networks, the ideas of consumers derived from the social are fast and often cheaper than traditional research methods.

Four types of social ideas (1)

Opposure, the previous attributes align with the world in which we live, which is continuously in flow.So, in more detail, what makes social ideas so crucial?

1. The consumer constantly changing

The most important thing, consumers today change quickly and frequently.No constant changes, brands and organizations require rapid intelligence and decision making, which social ideas promise to support.

2. The trained consumer

In addition to always changing, today's consumer is trained and powerful.One day he is a client, the next day he is in a competitor.To deal with social networks as a virtual megaphone, consumer words can lift or overthrow the brandof threeAmerican consumers believe that their words can influence current companies' actions.Increase these realities threaten your long -term reputation with your audience.

3. Supreme Social Networks

Currently, 3.8b people use social networks.In addition to its scale, the dynamics between the platform and the user has changed fundamentally.For the better or worse, social networking platforms are places where people turn first or exclusively for news, forms of opinion and debate.

4. Data abundance

Finally, both a challenge and unmordial data represent 80 to 90 % of the general commercial data.Tomorrow's winners can be decided by those who today are actually structured.

Adaptation or death is a cliché.However, it describes bets for companies.Note that in a world where consumers are changing rapidly, consumer social ideas offer the opportunity to follow.

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Finally, companies should make more customers more consumers.Therefore, consumer social ideas must reveal a consumer truthylead to better commercial results.

Let's end up discussing four different types of ideas and their corresponding value.

  1. Trend theme/detection
  2. Product intelligence
  3. Creative intelligence
  4. Branded insights

As a discharge of responsibility, this list is not exhaustive.We are simply offering a sample of high value social ideas available for brands and organizations willing to look for them.

The beauty of social intelligence is found in its organic nature.Conversation topics and new trends appear apparently out of nowhere.

Social allows brands and organizations to identify these trends and new problems, obtain direct access to consumer's gross thoughts, and then track these problems as they evolve.

Suppose we are a CPG company that seeks to expand to the CBD market category.Based very little about the conversation scenario, we may not know where to focus our research.But with the detection of questions and trends, as shown using the synthesis, we can identify new conversation problems as they emerge on -line.

Four types of social ideas (3)

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As mentioned above, consumer social ideas go beyond central social platforms.

In particular, review sites have fertile land for consumer understanding.Consider, until95 %consumers read criticism before a purchase;1 Estrela increaseOn average, Amazon's classification produces a 26 % increase in conversion success.

Reviews include invaluable consumer comments, such as:

  • Dissatisfied needs and opportunities for white spaces
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Buyer buyer trips
  • Customer service and more

Consider for a hair care brand the value of provoking the negative expressions found in its 1 star revisions.To identify these criticisms, they learn from the negative reception to a change of recent shampoo formula.Now they have processable comments.

Four types of social ideas (4)

Four types of social ideas (5)

Social conversations expose the raw and authentic voice of their consumers.It is a unique resource that does not easily double by other research methods.

Especially on highly visual platforms, such as Instagram, brands can superficial creative ideas for copying and advertising purposes.

By observing a data set focused on rapidly moving consumers, we find a growing visual approach to 'lunch at home'. Probably due to pandemic, consumers are comparing their lunch at home with lunch at work, an earlier life.Many are just showing their creations.

Four types of social ideas (6)

Incorporating visual elements directly or simply lifting the narrative (in this case, lunch at home), brands can find new and authentic ideas to connect with consumers.

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Last but not least, social ideas help in monitoring brand health.

Mainly due to the success of social networks, today's brands require live reputation monitoring at the time.

A current example is the reintroduction of live sports.Applying emotions analysis to a database that analyzes live sports, we find many consumers who express "fear" and "surprise" with the return.

Four types of social ideas (7)

For a high -level brand, such as NFL, consumers and the media, they observed league coaches and NFL with critical eyes.

Four types of social ideas (8)

Four types of social ideas (9)

For NFL or any mark, in this case, the return to normal is full of false steps.From NFL is successful, with exceptionally high qualifications for the Super Bowl.

Obviously, only social ideas does not transform in a consumer organization.

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