Date vs information vs. Insight: The anatomy of a great view |She (2023)

Data, information, information ... What is the difference?For those of us who work in research and analysis, this seems to be a stupid question.We are on a daily knee on all three.But a stranger can wonder whatesThe difference between these three important terms?And what is more important, why is it important?

In order to understand how data, information and information reproduces the research process and how you can make a difference in your business, we start with some quick and dirty definitions:

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  • Data They are raw and unprocessed facts that we capture according to some agreed standards.The data could be a number, an image, an audio clip, a transcription or similar.
  • Information It is data that have been processed, added and organized in a friendly format for people.Data for display, reports and panels are frequent options for presenting information.
  • To know It is obtained by analyzing data and information in order to understand the context of a certain situation and to draw conclusions.These conclusions lead to measures that you can apply to your company.

The influence of the view of commercial decisions

"Data -based marketing" may be the buzzword of the moment, but in reality,To knowAre you looking for good gold researchers (and intelligent companies)?Today's brands have access to endless data flow.

Converting information research data is the key to strategy and well -informed commercial decisions.Great insights introduces competitors and causes small but important changes that can revolutionize their business.

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The anatomy of a great idea

If the big ideas are the key to understanding their audience, creating better products and discovering new markets, how can we recognize them?What makes an idea shocking, processable and valuable?

The global web index says that a shocking vision of human, universal, brand and goals is loyal.What does that mean?Here you can see the anatomy of the broken vision:


  • Human -A simple truth with which it is easy to interact and identify.Something that uses the human psyche.
  • Universal- Does your vision speak to a wider audience instead of a regional or very segmented way?
  • Faithful to the brand- If you do not match the values of your brand, the personality of your brand and the goals of your company, you cannot help you.
  • spitz- Is your vision geared towards the desired results?

In other words, a great idea tells a story.It is interesting and exclusive to your brand.She presents new ideas to your company and its customers.

How to get a powerful vision

Research is the way to a great vision, but it is not alone.These few steps can begin to set information for your company:

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  • Set your goals- What do you expect to achieve your company through research?
  • Gather- Collect your data through qualitative and/or quantitative research methods.
  • Analyze- In this critical phase you "humanize" the data and give you a context.What do you say about your customers, employees, product satisfaction, etc.?
  • action- Now it is time to take the ideas obtained from the analysis and put them into practice.
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