Connect the dots: turn observations into insights (2023)

Connect the dots: turn observations into insights (1)
(Video) Connecting the Dots: Career Learning Insights from High School to Career

πŸ•’ 1 hour | πŸ“Ž Word or Google Docs

After reviewing your notes and starting to sort themthemes and patterns, you're on your way to documenting insights.

The difference between observations and perceptions is important. Observations are just raw data: things you saw and heard - what you recorded without judgement. However, insights are a deeper interpretation and understanding of what you are seeing and hearing. Insights make sense and meaning of your observations.

For insights, look at your collection ofthemes and patterns. Take your themes and make a statement out of each one. Work in pairs to create a new perspective or opportunity. Rewrite and/or rearrange your insight statements until they seem surprising or new. These insights will help you to find new challenges, opportunities and solutions.

(Video) MR Summit 2018 - Connecting the Dots

Example:When the design team spoke to young people for Queensbridge Connected, the design team noticed that young people were quite tech-savvy, but when asked how they would find information about a work area they were interested in, they got stuck. The design team summarized this finding: "There is a general lack of understanding among young people with whom we spoke about using the Internet as a resource".

This post is partDesign tools + tactics for citizen services, a resource introducing public servants to service design, published byMayor's Office of Economic Opportunities Service Design Studio.

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(Video) #89 - Connecting the Dots (with Sean Heritage)

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