Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (2023)

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (2)

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (3)

The DB12 operates a 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine, giving a 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph (325 km/h) - the hand-built engine produces 680 PS /671 PS 6,000 rpm and 800 Nm/590 lb ft between 2,750 rpm and 6,000 rpm. a 34% increase over the DB11 it replaces

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Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (4)


The new Aston Martin DB12 at the amfAR Cannes Gala 2023 at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 25 in Cap d'Antibes, France

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Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (5)


The DB12 operates a 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine, giving a 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph (325 km/h) - the hand-built engine produces 680 PS /671 PS 6,000 rpm and 800 Nm/590 lb ft between 2,750 rpm and 6,000 rpm. a 34% increase over the DB11 it replaces

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(Video) The Aston Martin DB12 - The Same, But New?

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (6)


DB12's new connected car ecosystem uses three main components - DB12, the Aston Martin app and Aston Martin's secure data servers. These three elements are connected via 4G LTE/GSM mobile networks in global roaming via the e-SIM built into every DB12, powered and sponsored by Aston Martin. DB12 buyers will need to register on the new Aston Martin app and create their own unique AML ID. Available for iOS and Android, the app allows seamless interaction, control and feedback to and from the car via your personal device.

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Lance Stroll, Lawrence Stroll, Fernando Alonso and Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Creative Director, Aston Martin

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Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (8)


British artist Damien Hirst created this now iconic artwork for amfAR, gilding a ten-foot-tall, 10,000-year-old Mammuthus Primigenius skeleton - 'Gone But Not Forgotten' now lives inFaena Art Hotel in Miami Beach.

Damien Hirst / amfAR

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (9)


(Video) We Bought an Aston Martin V12 Vantage S!! (Best Supercar Under $100k)

The highlight of the release was the sale of the first sample of a new branch of the genre - DB12.

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Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (10)


James Bond's gun-toting Aston Martin DB5 enthralled baby boom technophiles to become the world's most famous car

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (11)


This two-page publication from Aston Martin's recently revamped luxury lifestyle magazine 'V53' captures the progress of 110 years of sports car racing in one image.

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Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (12)


The most famous Aston Martin in history. Goldfinger's James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (1964) sold for $4,595,998 at RM Auction (now RM Sothebys)

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (13)


The DB12 really is a fascinating work of art, and if you watch the video, you'll see all sorts of celebrities and movie stars lining up to be photographed with the car – sorry, we have no idea who the majority are.

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George Bernard Shaw described fashion as an "induced epidemic" and the launch of Aston Martin's new DB12 at a showbiz party on the Cote d'Azur this week was a masterclass in triggering a mass explosion of desire for the new "super tourer". ". . ...while nurturing an already elite brand into an even more premium experience.

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (14)

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In one of the most unconventional car launches of recent times, the Aston Martin DB12 was unveiled at a gala event at the prestigious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The party was the social highlight of the Cannes International Film Festival, and while it hosted celebrities from the entertainment, arts and fashion worlds, the tone of the evening was more respectable global citizen than 'look at me'.

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (15)

Damien Hirst / amfAR

OAmerican Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)Begun in 1985, the French Riviera event is a recent tradition spanning several decades, beginning when the creative forces behind the Cannes Film Festival wanted to raise funds for AIDS research. The event sometimes makes its way from the paparazzi pages to the news pages, most notably when artist Damien Hirst donated a golden woolly mammoth skeleton that sold for $15 million (€11 million) at this event in 2014.

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (16)

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The night was more an amfAR fundraiser than the unveiling of a new rolling car sculpture, but the genius of marketers is such that multiple goals can be achieved for different purposes. New car charity auctions are also a recent phenomenon, where the first example of a major model is donated to a charity to be auctioned off at a grand gathering - everyone benefits from the gathering, with valuable funds raised for a good cause. .

Ferrari, McLaren and Rolls-Royce have donated new cars to charity in recent years to see them sell for over a million dollars, and the Aston Martin DB12 was therefore the star of the night in many ways, with the first sample costing $1.6 million. ... and helping to start a pandemic. You can see the big reveal in the video below.

Aston Martin DB12 unveiled

Understanding the scope of Aston Martin's rebirth tale requires a quick history lesson.

The traditional automaker had a beautiful 34-year history before facing bankruptcy shortly after World War II. In 1947, businessmanDavid Brownhe took the brand and its assets out of bankruptcy for just £52,500 and began to apply the marketing and tax magic he was already known for.

Brown brought success in all areas, generating valuable publicity for the brand with some of the fastest road cars in the world (the DB4, DB4 GT and DB4 GT Zagato took that mantle from the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing) and track victories in Important events. Brown accidentally launched the brand into a shooting star when a bargain ribbon placement deal became a global phenomenon.

Secret Agent 007, James Bond, became the Leviathan of cinema during the 1960s, and starring alongside Sean Connery was his gadget-filled Aston Martin DB5.

(Video) Why The Last Truly British Aston Was Terrible AND Brilliant! Aston Martin DBS V8

Many would argue that the silver DB5 is still the most famous car in the world 60 years finger(1964) eLightning(1965) sold out theaters, and despite a few setbacks along the way, the AM-Bond brand association continues to pay dividends for both parties. Aston Martin's bespoke personalization program is now called 'Q by Aston Martin', named after Bond's famous master of technology.

Brown has elevated the Aston Martin brand to quality domestic transport with the same faith as Rolls-Royce. That said, although many new suitors joined between Brown's departure in 1972 and the company's IPO in 2018, the most notable business relationship was with the Mercedes-Benz Group, which allowed Aston Martin to become technologically and economically solid again. Mercedes-Benz still owns a stake in the company and supplies all the engines used in Aston Martin cars.

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (18)

Aston Martin Media

Aston Martin's second renaissance began with the arrival of investor Lawrence Stroll in January 2020. We've already written about Stroll in New Atlas.when we survey the 33 owners of the most valuable car in the world, namely the Ferrari 250 GTO.

At that time (mid-2018) Lawrence Stroll's son Lance was in his second season with Williams Martini F1, claiming a podium (third, at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix) in an uncompetitive car against in his first year and became the second youngest driver to finish an F1 race on the podium and the youngest to do so during his rookie season.

Lance was also 2014 Italian F4 Champion, 2015 Toyota Racing Series Champion and 2016 FIA European Champion in Formula 3. So while Lawrence's money ensured that Lance had the best machinery, there's nowhere to hide in this level - you can't buy talent and he undoubtedly has it.

Stroll has since sold the Ferrari 250 GTO he owned for 25 years, but he still has one of the best car collections on the planet, with all the iconic cars you'd expect: a Ferrari TR, GT 250 SWB, P3/4, Enzo, F50, 288 GTO and McLaren F1. Those cars are worth at least $250 million, and he just sold his $200 million yacht so he could build a bigger one... all thanks to his lifelong ability to take brands and grow them to financial maturity, first in his home country of Canada. then on a world stage.

Of particular interest are the types of brands Stroll chose, including Tommy Hilfiger, Pierre Cardin, Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Asprey & Garrard. In short, Lawrence Stroll has an incredible track record of causing breakouts.

Aston Martin's DB12 Smells Like Success (19)

Aston Martin Media

So when Lawrence set out to gather all the influencers needed to accelerate his son into F1, a cunning plan was formed. In August 2018 he led a consortium of investors that boughtForce India Formula 1 team, renaming it toEquipe Racing Point F1for 2019.

In January 2020, Stroll led another consortium to take a controlling interest in Aston Martin and became chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda. He renamed his Formula 1 team Aston Martin in 2021 and immediately signed a four-time world championSebastian Vettelpartner son Lance as a driver.

He has also negotiated a new deal to share Formula 1's official "safety car" duties with current Mercedes-Benz, ensuring that when the F1 package rolls up, there will be an Aston Martin road car driving them frequently. .

With Vettel retiring at the end of 2022 and the Formula 1 car starting to show speed, Stroll has signed double world champion Fernando Alonso.

Alonso is devilishly handsome, charming and considered by those in the know to be one of the fastest drivers on the grid in the entire decade since winning his titles. There are few competitive cars in F1 and he made some bad choices – this time he backed the winner.

In pre-season testing earlier this year, Aston Martin's F1 car made a huge leap in competitiveness and for the first three months of the season things are going well.

After seven rounds of the 23 rounds of the 2023 Formula 1 season, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team has amassed more points than perennial champions Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. The team nowis in second place in the team championship, albeit well behind Red Bull.

No drivers' championship, Alonsois now in clear third place, and days after the DB12's spectacular launch at Cannes, it finished second at the Monaco Grand Prix, the most watched race on the F1 calendar.

As well as being once again at the forefront of world motorsport, Aston Martin has claimed a class victory in two of the last three races of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the ultimate test of the sportiness of its products. Even more interesting is the fact that Stroll somehow managed to prevent Honda from withdrawing from F1 and created an engine partnership for the future. He is not happy to be around Red Bull. One of Aston Martin's most characteristic words in response to second place at last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix was: "They say second place is the first to lose. We say it's one step closer to victory."

More importantly, Aston Martin's cars seem to be progressing as quickly as the team's competitiveness in F1. There's no point redoing the DB12's spec here, as we haven't driven it - all the technical components look beyond reproach, the styling is superb and, just as Fernando Alonso appreciated when Lawrence Stroll came to court him, he is a clear success in everything. that he does.

More importantly, he knows how to sell both the sizzle and the sausage.

(Video) Aston Martin Vantage | 300 Mile Review | Detail | Wash and Talk

Aston Martin DB12 | The world's first Super Tourer


What are the rarest Aston Martins? ›

The V8 Vantage Zagato is among the rarest, fastest, and most visually striking Aston Martins ever built.

What does DB mean Aston Martin? ›

DB stands for David Brown, the English businessman who bought Aston Martin in 1947 and Lagonda in 1948. Before World War II, Aston Martin was very much a low-volume sports car maker, with a pre-war high of 170 cars produced in 1937. Brown aided in Aston's transformation into the big-name it is today.

What is Aston Martins most successful car? ›

Inspired by Success

CC100 draws a direct lineage from DBR1 - a true racing icon and one of the most famous Aston Martins built. As the most successful racing car ever made by Aston Martin, the pinnacle of its success came in 1959 where it won the both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 1000km of Nürburgring.

What is the most expensive Aston Martin production car? ›

The price of Aston Martin cars in India starts from Rs. 3 Cr for the Vantage while the most expensive Aston Martin car in India one is the DBX with a price of Rs. 4.63 Cr.

Which Aston Martin holds value? ›

While Astons have never been known for their value retention, the Vantage holds it own, and actually performs quite well in the resale market. It, and its primary competitor, the Porsche 911, will retain their values better than most, and especially so after 5 or 6 years.

Why is Aston Martin so rare? ›

The reason for their popularity, and their desirability, is that they are incredibly sophisticated. Not only that, but they are a rare sight on Britain's roads. However, as with many premium car manufacturers, Aston Martin have released a number of unique models during their time.

Is Aston Martin DBS a good investment? ›

Yes, if you buy carefully, an Aston Martin can be an excellent investment. Some Aston Martins appreciate in value, meaning that your investment can grow in the right model and vehicle.

How many Aston Martin DB were made? ›

I have been fortunate enough to consult the production records at the Aston Martin Heritage Centre in Gaydon and I worked out that the total production run was of 802 cars after taking into account the following points. - According to the AMOC, DBS/5712/R was destroyed after being used for a crash test.

How much does an Aston Martin DB cost? ›

The average price for the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is $233,271, with the Aston Martin DBS Coupe and Aston Martin DBS Standard averaging $351,360 and $111,662 respectively.

Which celebrity drives an Aston Martin? ›

Aston Martin – David Beckham, Rafael Nadal, Jason Statham.

Are Aston Martins worth the money? ›

If you want a luxury vehicle, there is no better contender than the Aston Martin. Unfortunately, they're not the most reliable. This handmade brand tends to have flaws, and repairs can be expensive and impossible to locate. They're ideal to own but tricky to keep up with in a home.

Is Aston Martin faster than Ferrari? ›

Aston Martin showed stronger race pace than Ferrari during a pre-season testing simulation, Fernando Alonso has declared.

Why Aston Martin is better than Ferrari? ›

While the Ferrari is built to be a high-speed supercar, the Aston Martin is a proper grand touring vehicle. While you can still expect high performance from an Aston Martin, you'll enjoy it with comfort. Drivers can expect a quiet ride, but they can also pick and choose each design element to make it their very own.

Where are most Aston Martins sold? ›

Driven by strong demand in China, Aston Martin's APAC region wholesaled a record 1,815 units in 2021, accounting for almost 30% of Aston Martin's global wholesale volume. China is one of Aston Martin's most important markets and a key growth opportunity for the ultra-luxury British performance marque.

Is it worth buying an old Aston Martin? ›

Any classic model Aston Martin is a great investment. Few people have invested in an Aston Martin and regretted it. A classic Aston Martin, that is. Buy a brand-new or year-old model and you're sure to lose money, as with most new cars.

Is Aston Martin considered luxury? ›

Aston Martin. Iconic Luxury British Sports Cars (USA)

How many times has Aston Martin gone bust? ›

The company has survived seven bankruptcies throughout its history.

Are Aston Martins nice cars? ›

Aston Martin is a luxury car brand that's been synonymous with style, elegance, and high performance for more than a century. It's a brand that has captured the hearts of car enthusiasts and luxury aficionados alike with its sleek design, powerful engine, and rich heritage.

What is the best thing about Aston Martin? ›

Aston Martin is associated with both luxury and speed, a combination few can achieve. While the term 'luxury' is often thrown around, Aston Martin is a special breed that prides itself on defining luxury, and they never produce above the units that would lower their status.

What age group buys Aston Martin? ›

The Vantage is bought by owners with an average age of just over 50. Palmer hopes to push that figure into the 40s, with younger buyers attracted by its new look. "We are targeting younger customers because we are seeing younger customers coming to the brand, particularly in places such as China,” Palmer said.

How rare is the Aston Martin DBS? ›

The new 2024 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate is the last of the British carmaker's present-generation DBS models, and Aston Martin will build just 499 examples.

Is the Aston Martin DBS a supercar? ›

Aston Martin has revealed the DBS 770 Ultimate Volante, which will sit alongside its coupé counterpart to provide a radically enhanced swansong for the firm's brutish V12 grand tourer.

How many Aston Martin DBS V12 were made? ›

A grand total of 984 DBS were built with the manual gearbox out of approximately 3,400 DBS in total.

How long does it take to make a Aston Martin DB? ›

It takes over 600 Aston Martin engineers a total of 220 hours between them to produce just one car, and at full capacity, the factory can complete 15 shiny new DB11s in one day. The DB11 build process takes place inside Aston Martin's 754,000-square-foot facility in Warwickshire, just outside Birmingham, England.

How many V12 Aston Martins are there? ›

With production of the V12 Vantage strictly limited to 333 examples globally, this final edition celebrates the end of an epic era in fitting style.

How much is the Aston Martin DBS 12? ›

Starting at $319,125. Highs Spine-tingling exhaust note, debonair appearance, brutally quick acceleration. Lows Hefty-feeling steering, touchy brakes, a handful to drive quickly on a twisty road. Verdict As a luxury grand touring car, the DBS impresses, but it lacks the sports-car agility serious drivers may prefer.

How much is a DB v12? ›

$ 969.99 + Free Shipping! Buy 2 or more at: $949.99 ea.

How fast is the Aston Martin DB? ›

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Capable of hitting 60 mph in a claimed 3.2 seconds for the coupe, the DBS is a monstrously quick touring car that tops out at 211 mph, regardless of bodystyle.

What car does Tom Brady drive? ›

Brady's Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the most costly car in his garage and valued at $3 million, is the crème of the crop. The vehicle reaches 60 mph in about 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 268 mph. Its 8.0-liter W16 engine produces 1200 horsepower, which is where the power originates from.

Who is Aston Martin target customer? › Audience Demographics's audience is 72.95% male and 27.05% female. The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds (Desktop).

Does Jay Leno own an Aston Martin? ›

While a few Aston Martins are already in Leno's collection, the DBR1 is a trickier buy. An icon of British racing, the DBR1 was also a critical step in Aston Martin's rise to success.

What is high mileage for an Aston Martin? ›

More Photos. The typical Aston Martin DB9 for sale has something like 14,000 miles on it, but 4,000 is pretty typical and a "high-mileage" example would be less than 40,000.

Are Aston Martins good on gas? ›

Aston Martin MPG Estimates for Previous Model Years

2011 Aston Martin Cygnet – 47 miles per gallon (best of all time) 2018 Aston Martin DB11 Volante V8 – 23.7 miles per gallon. 2017 Aston Martin DB11 V8 – 23.7 miles per gallon.

How often do you service an Aston Martin? ›

Aston Martin Maintenance Schedule Intervals: 10,000-mile/12-month intervals.

How fast is the Aston Martin V12? ›

Accelerating from rest to 60mph in just 3.5sec and with a top speed of 200mph the V12 Vantage Roadster occupies the very highest echelon of open-top sportscar performance.

What is the top speed of the Aston Martin V12? ›

The revised bodywork pays dividends in terms of aero since the car generates 204 kg (450 lbs) of downforce at top speed. Speaking of which, the V12 Vantage will max out at 200 mph (322 km/h) after hitting 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.5 seconds and 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 3.4 seconds.

Who makes Aston Martin engines? ›

Currently, Aston Martin's entire line is powered by Mercedes-Benz engines.

Did paul McCartney own an Aston Martin? ›

Though Paul McCartney later owned an Aston Martin DB6, which has been the subject of extensive media coverage, this lesser known DB5 is believed to be the first Aston owned by the musician.

What is the nickname for Aston Martin? ›

How did Aston Martin Begin? The first Aston Martin was built and registered in 1915 and earned the nickname 'Coal Scuttle'.

Does Paul Hollywood own an Aston Martin? ›

In 2015 Paul began his racing career and was racing in an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 and he owns an Aston Martin DB9 and an Aston Martin DBS Volante. He races for the team Beechdean AMR and has taken part in the Britcar Trophy Championship.

Are Aston Martin cars fast? ›

Aston Martin DB11 boasts standard 503 bhp, available 630bhp, and up to 208 mph top speed. Aston Martin Vantage offers 503 bhp, a 195 mph top speed, and 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds.

What is the most powerful Aston? ›

3/7DBS Ultimate is said to be the most powerful Aston Martin car ever and fastest from DBS series.

Is Aston Martin more expensive than Rolls Royce? ›

Price and Exclusivity: Although Aston Martin is developing a number of higher-priced hypercars, most of their lineup is priced between $200,000 and $300,000. Rolls-Royce vehicles start higher, generally between $350,000 and $400,000—and go up from there.

What is the best selling Aston Martin model? ›

British luxury carmaker Aston Martin has seen a sharp spike in sales last year, thanks mostly to its best-selling model DBX SUV. The carmaker has said that its sales to dealers in 2021 has gone up by 82 per cent. DBX SUV drives Aston Martin to almost double its sales in 2021.

What is the most collectible Aston Martin? ›

10 Aston Martin DBR-1 (1956-1959)

The DBR1 is the ultimate collectible. It's a unique vintage Aston Martin race car with an exquisite design, a strong engine, and a racing heritage that surpasses practically every race car in history.

Why is Aston Martin not profitable? ›

Aston Martin has revealed that its losses more than doubled during 2022 as the sportscar maker spent heavily on new models and struggled through supply chain problems hitting the global car industry.

How rare is the Aston Martin One-77? ›

The production of the One-77 was limited to 77 cars, although several development cars were made for engineering, testing, and marketing.

How many Aston Martin Valhalla exist? ›

We're excited for you to meet Valhalla. Strictly limited to just 999 examples, we are rewriting what best-in class means for driving dynamics and driving pleasure.

Is the Aston Martin DB5 rare? ›

There were only 1,059 Aston Martin DB5s made. When new a DB5 was roughly double the price of a Jaguar E-Type and so a lot more E-Types were made than Astons. Of those 1,059 DB5s just 180 were made in left hand drive, and of the approximately 65 DB5 Vantage cars only around 17 were made in left hand drive.

How many one 77s are left? ›

17 models are still available - 60 models of the 77 unit run have already been sold and this is before deliveries have started. Pretty impressive numbers! Remember the part about shifting gears from the Cygnet though?

What is the oldest surviving Aston Martin? ›

The Bamford Martin A3 is without a doubt one of the most significant Aston Martin cars in the World today and also is the oldest surviving Aston Martin known. Photographer Tim Wallace spent some time with this very special piece of automotive history to capture it in all its restored glory.

Why is the DB5 not road legal? ›

Because these cars are technically brand new, yet adhere to safety and emissions regulations of the Fifties and Sixties, they aren't road legal. Instead they are sold as track-only cars, or for use strictly on their multimillionaire owner's private land. Thankfully, R-Reforged has come up with a solution.

Did Sean Connery own a DB5? ›

Beginning in 1962 with Dr. No, Connery played James Bond in seven films. The role—and the wheels—grew on him. “Dad used to talk about owning his own DB5, for no other reason than he loved the car,” Jason Connery, his son, said in a pre-sale announcement.

Who owns the Aston Martin DB5 in skyfall? ›

Actually, there were two DB5s in Skyfall. One belongs to EON Productions, the 51-year-old company that owns the Bond franchise. That car was cloned from the original, which belongs to a private collector, in order to provide a body double for filming.

How much is a DBS V12 Aston Martin? ›

Starting at $319,125. Highs Spine-tingling exhaust note, debonair appearance, brutally quick acceleration. Lows Hefty-feeling steering, touchy brakes, a handful to drive quickly on a twisty road. Verdict As a luxury grand touring car, the DBS impresses, but it lacks the sports-car agility serious drivers may prefer.

Is Aston Martin V12 a Ford? ›

The original Aston Martin “AML V12” project began in 1994, at Ford's Advanced Powertrain division. As Aston Martin was owned by Ford at the time, this gave Aston Martin access to Ford's considerable engineering and technology resources.

What is the most powerful Aston Martin V12? ›

The DBS 770 Ultimate receives an uprated engine; 770 stands for 770 metric horsepower (which works out to 759 U.S. horsepower), making it the most powerful production Aston Martin car ever.


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