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Actionable insights are contextually or statistically relevant conclusions derived from data that provide an understanding of the future and inform what actions or responses should be taken. It is the result of processing and analyzing data (quantitative, qualitative, structured, unstructured), either through manual analysis or through aBusiness Intelligence (BI)and analysis solution.

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In the context of BI and data analytics, actionable insights reveal the critical “why” behind the “what”. The data itself, whether in a dashboard or a report, can communicate and reveal what happened, but it is the actual analysis performed by a person that shows why something happened and what should be done (to determine performance improvement, etc.) that defines the insight as "actionable".

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Why are actionable insights important?

Actionable insights are so coveted because everyone from business users to executives needs accurate insights from their data to improve performance, make necessary changes, and replace intuitive decisions with hard, reliable facts.

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But what if users don't have the necessary knowledge or context to find the answers? This is where augmented analytics helps tremendously, automating and streamlining sophisticated BI tools to explain to users what the information is, how it is relevant, and why it should be applied, without relying solely on analyst support or manual analysis.

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