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Knowledge is power.It is a said cliché.Medium, we are trying to learn constantly.

Collecting information is something important.But the most important thing is what you do with the information you get.Does it allow you to improve your product?Or you could help you check your customer's trip.The only way to get a benefit from it.

The way information is important.How do you make that sureGet the right informationTo inform commercial decisions?It's not as easy as you can think.

In this article we deal with processable ideas why you are important, how to collect the desired information and some tips for taking measures.

What are processable ideas?

Processable ideas are processed data records that prescribe all direct and important measures that can be taken on the basis of unprocessed data analysis.

Suppose you check the reply words and see that you have a great delivery point after the fifth question.The processable vision would be to changeSurvey draftAnd reorganize/change the question.

It was not a feeling or something anecdotic that led her to this choice.You will then be addedCheck the information in questionAnd there were hard numbers they could see.On the other side of the currency there are the data that you already know or that cannot find a pattern.

Example of processable ideas

Let us have some examples of processable ideas and not activable ideas.

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example 1

Knowledge:A car repair workshop knows that the number of oil changes increases in May.


Insight process:A car repair workshop knows that the number of changes will increase by 20% in May.

Example 2

Knowledge:Customer comments show that your application does not work properly.


Insight process:Customer comments show that 100 people mentioned that the registration function does not work properly.

Example 3

Knowledge:His NPS value fell by 5 points last month.


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Accelerate ideas:The NPS score dropped by 5 points last month due to a failed software update.

As observed in the previous examples that differentiate the processable ideas of "normal ideas", they don't understand the "why" behind it.

Some customer information tools such asText analysisThey are particularly developed to find processable ideas from customer comments.

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With, for exampleLumoaYou can easily identify the problems that have the greatest positive or negative effects on your metric, and you can also see exactly how much the score drives up or below.

In addition, LMOA also identifies the most mentioned ideas in the comments that help him discover problems and better understand customers.

Why are processable ideas important?

As mentioned above, processable ideas help you make decisions.You can make sound decisions more than that.

Sometimes you have to try new things without data to support you, but there is much more risk under these circumstances.

In the report by Lumoa State of CX ,,said 38.2% of managers within CX who want to improve the ability to actCustomer assessmentand customer experience metrics.

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Processable ideas enable you to make strategic and well -thought -out decisions.

Although some may discuss how to be detailed, even the smallest details can achieve great yields.Your advertising income rose through$ 200 millionThe color optimizes this year.

Will this be a common result?Probably not.

However, it shows how important it is to take your options into account.Many companies say that they want to be funded by data, but only a few really put them into practice.According to Forrester ,,74% of companiesLet us assume that you want to be "data -based", but only a few, 29%.Let us assume that you can really connect the data you can grasp the actions you can take.

collect ideas

You need strong data to receive processable ideas.Collect customer comments.

The most common way to collect customer comments is surveys, social networks, online reviews or chat.According to studies,64% of customersHe prefers to give feedback in the application.The most common way to collect comments in the application is surveys.

If you want to collect comments by surveys, the three most frequently used surveys are:NPSPresentCSAT, yCES.Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, but everyone is useful.

  • CSAT -CSAT is just an abbreviation for "customer satisfaction".In any way, it is an enclosed term, but refers to a fairly standard type that the survey presenter send.
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The aim of these surveys is to see how satisfied a customer is and generally focuses on an interaction.It is very common to use a scale 1-10 or 1-5 to measure how satisfied they are.These surveys can contain other questions to get you to get qualitative data, but the number of questions is used directly to calculate a CSAT score.

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  • NPS -NET Promoter ScoreThe surveys are very simple and contain only two questions.A scale question that the customer who probably recommends your company on a scale from 1 to 10, and then a question that wonders why you have given the answer you did.It is a very direct survey.
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NPS deals more with the measurement of the general feeling of customers to find who are their "promoters" and "critics".

  • CES -The effort of the customer differs somewhat from the two above, since he is more about discovering how much effort, as his name indicates, had to train the customer to achieve his goal.
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The measurement of the efforts must be used to determine whether the product or frictional areas contain pain points that could become softer.With regard to processable ideas, CES can provide the most direct information.

If you want to learn more about different metrics, you can find in our article in which we have created a higher list of whichThe most popular customer experience metrics.

Convert feedback into action

As soon as you have collected your data, the first step is to take you to the action.There is no specific way to do this, but there are three cubes that most comments fall into:

  1. Customer service comments
  2. Product feedback
  3. Sales and marketing comments

The categories mentioned above are the general cubes and probably have sub -categories, so that every granulator becomes.For example, the product feedback can be further divided into errors and functions.

The data is only good for you if you can do something with it.As we have already mentioned, you have to organize the data in different cubes after collecting.Do not only make this allowed to understand that to understand thatIdeas worthAnd what the data really tell you, but it also enables you to deliver it to the right people and teams.

As soon as you have provided the data to a specific team, you can check it to determine whether common threads are included in the data.In this case, you know that many customers complain about the lack of self -service options.You have to develop these properties.Although data is a good way to get new ideas, this is also a way to validate the ideas you already have.

If I had some plans to create five different characteristics, you could help you prioritize the construction of certain characteristics for others.I even think that customers are not enthusiastic about a proposed feature, which means that they can completely remove them from their roadmap. This is still a victory because it releases time for their team to work on the projects thatUsers really want.


Understanding your customer's needs is very useful for your company.According to AHarvard Business Review -Studie,The fastest growing companies develop an advanced understanding of how their technology affects human experience.They constantly trust the feedback from the customer ship.

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The data is only useful if you start working for yourself.Recognizing information can be a complicated first step.As soon as you have found the best way to get comments, you must organize the information.Between the data on the right matches so that you are shaped and find new ideas for confirming Insightsor confirmation.As soon as you have these ideas, prioritize a plan and run.If you take these steps, this will be on the way.


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